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023 JackalopeConstable Portrait
025 KittenApprentice Portrait

Official Description

Coming soon!


Default Attack

Ranger Attack

Roles Ranger

Special Ability

Whip it!

DamageWhite Weak

Evolutionary Line

Jackalope Deputy

022 JackalopeDeputy

Jackalope Constable

023 JackalopeConstable

Jackalope Sherriff

024 JackalopeSherriff

Leveling Up

Jacklope Sherriff maxes out at Level 45 (396,000 Exp). Jackalope Sherriff does not evolve any further.

Gem Size

Exp Given

WhiteGem Exp1
200 Exp
WhiteGem Exp2
1,000 Exp
WhiteGem Exp3
5,000 Exp
WhiteGem Exp4
25,000 Exp
WhiteGem Exp5
125,000 Exp

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