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007 WackyToad Portrait
009 Hypnotoad Portrait

Official Description

Coming soon!


Default Attack

Mystic Attack

Roles Mystic

Special Ability


DamageBlue Weak

Evolutionary Line

Wacky Toad

007 WackyToad


008 Croaker


009 Hypnotoad

Leveling Up

Croaker is eligible to evolve into Hypnotoad at Level 30 (87,000 Exp).

Gem Size

Exp Given

BlueGem Exp1
200 Exp
BlueGem Exp2
1,000 Exp
BlueGem Exp3
5,000 Exp
BlueGem Exp4
25,000 Exp
BlueGem Exp5
125,000 Exp

Evolution Ingredients

You will need the following ingredients to perform the evolution: 

Blue Fragment x4 Blue Sigil x2 Mystic Tome x3
Evo BlueFragment
Evo SigilBlue
Evo Tome Mystic

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